Celebrating 125 Years of Women at MIT 1873 —1998

Bearing Fruit

Technology women are MIT faculty and administration members.

Dr. Anne Mayes '86 Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering.

Dr. Elisabeth Drake '58, Assistant Director Energy Laboratory. Chair, National Academy of Engineering Membership Committee.

Dr. Cho Kyun Rha '62, Professor, Biomaterials Science and Engineering Lab.

Lita Donnelly Nelsen* '64, chemical engineering, Director, MIT Technology Licensing. An AMITA award winner, whose daughter Katrina '91, was also an award winner.

Dr. Shirley Ives Picardi FT '72, Dir. of IT Competency Group.

Cynthia Helgerson Bloomquist '70, Assoc. Dir. of Corporate Relations, Industrial Liaison Program.

Bonny Kellermann* '72, Treasurer's Office.

Dr. Evelynn Hammonds PH '80, Assistant Professor, Science, Technology and Society.

Dr. Cynthia Lubien '80, chemistry, School of Science.

Dr. E. Sarah Slaughter '82, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Dr. Paula T. Hammond '84, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering.

Mary Schaefer SL '90, Director of Communications, Sloan School.

The MIT faculty is now comprised of approximately 15% women, and approximately 6% of the faculty in the School of Engineering are women. The 24 alumnae professors represent 17% of the women faculty.

Alumnae are found throughout academia including:

Dr. Carolyn Cohen PhD '54, Biology, Brandeis University.

Dr. Linda Greiner Sprague '60, School of Business and Economics, U. of New Hampshire.

Dr. Thelma Grossholtz '61, Political Science, Mount Holyoke.

Dr. Regina Herzlinger '65, Harvard Business School.

Dr. Christiana Leonard PhD '67, Neuropsychology, U. of Florida.

Dr. Martha Casey ?68, chemistry, Assistant Vice Chancellor at U. of Wisconsin.

Dr. Gail Gulledge Hanson '68, Physics, Indiana U.

Dr. Kay Van Zummeren Robbins '71, Math and Statistics, U. of Texas: San Antonio. AMITA award winner.

Dr. Lydia Villa-Komaroff PhD '75, Associate Vice President for Research, Northwestern University.

Dr. Laurel Fisher '76, College of Medicine, U. of Arizona.

Dr. Renee Y. Chow '77, U. of California, Berkeley. An AMITA award winner.

Dr. W. M. Kim Roddis '77, Dept. of Civil Engineering, U. of Kansas.

Dr. Susan Shakin '80, School of Medicine & Pathology, Case Western Reserve U. AMITA award winner.

Dr. Joann M. Stock '81, Associate Professor, Seismological Lab, California Institute of Technology.

Dr. Ilene Busch-Vishniac '81 PhD, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, U. of Texas: Austin. Vice president, Acoustical Society of America. SWE Achievement Award.

Dr. Beth Ahner '89, Civil Engineering, Cornell U.

Alumnae are in the medical field, including:

Dr. Barbara Smith MD '77, life sciences, Brigham & Women's Hospital. An AMITA award winner.

Dr. Stella Hetelekidis MD '84, Brigham and Women's Hospital. Former president of McCormick Hall.

MIT women in public service include:

Dr. Janet Sanford Perkins CM '52, Principal Investigator, Army Materials and Mechanical Research Center.

Dr. Caroline Stuart Little Herzenberg '53, Physicist, Argonne National Laboratories.

Dr. Sheila E. Widnall, '60, MIT Institute Professor. Former Secretary of the Air Force.

Dr. Shirley A. Jackson '68, Former Chair of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. President of Rennsylaer Polytechnic Institute.

Dr. Florence P. Haseltine LI, '70, National Institutes of Health, Director, Center for Population Research.

Sandra L. Cohen '73, management. AMITA award winner. Director of Municipal Law, Seattle City Attorney's Office.

Dr. Laura D'andrea Tyson, PH '74, economics, former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors. Professor, U. of California Berkeley.

Caren Matthis '84, urban planning, Director of Community Planning and Development, Anchorage, Alaska.

NASA Astronauts:

Dr. Janet Voss EE, '77, electrical engineering, has logged more than 900 hours in space;

Dr. Catherine G. Cady Coleman '83, chemistry, Maj USAF;

Wendy B. Lawrence SM '88, ocean engineering, Com. USN;

Pamela Ann Melroy SM '84 , earth and planetary science, Lt Colonel USAF.

Many alumnae are active in professional groups and have won national awards and other recognition.

Alumnae are successful businesswomen, too.

Brit Jepson d'Arbeloff ME '61, Vice President and Treasurer of Charles Sumner. MIT Corporation Member.

Judith C. Lewent GM '72, Senior Vice President and CFO, Merck & Co.

Dr. Caryn Navy '75, mathematics AMITA award winner. Co-owner, Raised Dot Computing Inc.

Deborah Stein -Sharpe '76, chemistry, comptroller, Extrusion Technology.

Dr. Beth A. Marcus '79, Mechanical Engineering, founder and president of Exos, and Glow Dog, Inc.

Hollie K. Schmidt '87, materials science and engineering; founder of Midnight Networks.

Carleton Fiorina SL '89, CEO Hewlett Packard.

Anita Rajan Worden '90, electrical engineering, co-founder and president, Solectria Corporation.

Marina Hatsopoulos SM, '93, mechanical engineering; founder and president, Z Corporation.

"with clear vision [our pioneer alumnae] have labored ceaselessly and successfully to achieve for women the abundance of opportunity which it has been our privilege to enjoy... May there always be Technology Women to the fore, 'winning a way which others will keep open'."

- MITWA President Mabel Keyes Babcock (1916)

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